The Rat Pack and Friends

About the Show

The Rat Pack & Friends Dinner and Tribute Show is raising the bar on dinner show expectations. The Rat Pack & Friends is that “all-in-one” ticket that the industry has been looking for. Our commitment to great entertainment, combined with classic Italian cuisine in a family friendly setting, can only make for loads of laughter and good times had by all. The Rat Pack and Friends Dinner and Tribute Show is the first of its kind for the Orlando, Florida market. No other dinner show in town can boast about being showcased in a well-established Italian Restaurant which has served millions of tourists over an impressive 25 year history. This, combined with music and comedy, has the makings of a great night out, and a unique addition to Central Florida’s attractions. As the show is interchangeable with cast and crew, guests will want to come back time and time again to be surprised over what “Old Blue Eyes” has lined up for the night’s performance. Constituting “Best Show” will be a delivery of superbly executed on-stage performances that substantially raise benchmarks in entertainment and customer satisfaction. The Rat Pack & Friends Dinner and Tribute Show is built around the core focus of great family entertainment designed to make you laugh out loud, sing and participate in, what will truly be, an Affair to Remember.

About the Venue

Pacinos' two-story brick restaurant gives you the feeling you are dining in an open air terrace in Sicily. The main room features a view of our beautiful copper Sicilian open grill which allows guests to watch their food being cooked to perfection. Enjoy fine Italian cuisine while being entertained by Florida's most talented performers!